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Monarch butterflies know that the only way to fly is to deliberately shed that which keeps us small.


This is challenging for busy body mortals like us who too often in life get overwhemed by the doing – thereby failing to make room for transformation.


Busy and distracted humans have a tendency of choking off their hearts and suffocating their souls in an effort to merely cope or survive. 


So, begin we must in the heat filled terrain of truth. And to embrace this journey of transformation, complete with the shedding of the old to make room for the new, there is no better teacher than snake. 


Snake as mentor pulls us in to embrace what's true and reframe the cracks in our lives as not imperfectons, but rather as openings for more illumination.


So, join me on this journey with snake!


You may feel uncomfortable at first, but to bypass this step would be to live forever trapped in a skin that's too small, leaving you unable to fully love and connect to self, and the world around you.


In keeping with nature's design of call and response, you're invited to heed this call to love.


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Snake IntroLori Wallace
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"Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

With each section of WOM, I make a movie suggestion to help you drop further into the heart of the share. For snake, the movie "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" is our pairing given its dramatic telling of how loss may serve as a gateway to wholeness. This movie tells the true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, a man who at the top of his career while working as editor of France's Elle magazine, experienced a catastrophic brain stem stroke leaving him with "locked-in syndrome". In the matter of a few minutes, M. Bauby was stripped not only of his glamorous life, but of his ability to function in life all together.


M. Bauby's break utter breakdown would prove to be his greatest gift (and antagonistic mentor) ultimately leading him to experience true love for the first time in his life. He died a happy man crediting his stroke to beauty of the butterfly.

recommend you continue on the next chapter now on Antagonistic Mentoring and officially begin your process of shedding the old.

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