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Transforming 'Outplacement' into

"Career Ecology brings out the best in me.  The program applies and teaches tools that allow me to not only excel at my career but my personal life as well.  I have found that after completing this program, I am ready to present to the world with authenticity and confidence. Lori is a leader who leads with heart and experience.  And when you have a leader leading by not only example, but with heart in today's times, anything is possible."

The news of a sudden lay-off can be traumatizing.  Couple that with climate, Covid impact, culture shifts and there's cause for deep anxiety.
Career Ecology meets the needs of the Whole Human by providing Personal, Professional and Poetic support during times of unexpected change.

A Complete Package of Empowerment
plus Support.

responsive resume

  • Executive Summary plus Full CV - in one

  • Self generated with expert guidance for self sufficiency and quality control

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • Live Training

dynamic search method

  • Master complex job  search terrains

  • Establish personal  3-Fold Path

  • Live Training (weekly drop-in)

  • Wellness guidance

  • Smart Search Worksheet

  • Inner Workings of Networking, LinkedIn, Job Boards, Recruiters


mindful inter-viewing

  • Interviewing as a Service for Authentic Relating

  • Heart-Mindedness

  • Liberate joy in interviewing, reduce anxiety

  • Self Reflection Training

  • High Value Thank you Notes


  • Mastery of LinkedIn 

  •  LinkedIn Automations

  • Intentional Networking

  • Local Networking, Links & Guidance

  • Sample messaging for "cold" outreach

Plus weekly live training and guidance on Zoom, LinkedIn Group and Resources Library.

We help transform adversity into empowerment so all may prosper! 


Full service offering under $500
per individual.


Come discover how your outplacement investment can serve the complete wellness of your employees and community.  Request a live demo and/or written proposal, today!
Career Ecology
We're an extension of your commitment to the wellbeing of your employees, customers, and communities.
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