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#1: Care Package

You'll need these items for your journey:

  • Journal

  • Lavendar Aromatherapy Oil

  • Sage Bundle 

  • Bowl or plate for burning sage

  • Lighter

You may have these items already at home. If not, I've created an Amazon list where you can purchase what you need: LIST.


#2: Book Circle

Purchase the book, "Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth's Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness", by Mary Reynolds Thompson. This book helped catalyze my whole becoming, leading quite directly to years of introspection and my ultimate channeling of 'Way of the Monarch'. Mary's book returns us back to our birth right – that to living as humans empowered by Earth's five archetypal landscapes.  Her work serves as a bedrock from which this journey is anchored. 

Read this book with me throughout WOM and share your observations in circle every step of the way by touching the book icon. Mary's book can be purchased from the WOM Amazon list, HERE.

#3: Self Discovery*


Take the quizzes below to collect your baseline temperament and soul presence in this world:

  1. Four Temperaments: This is formed from Hippocrates' (the world's first physician) observations about humans and the four key temperaments he observed through careful study and intuition. You can access it HERE.

  2. Dosha: Earth's oldest system of medicine, Ayurveda, comes from India and dates back 3,000 years. This system bases its recommendations for eating, activity, rest and more on a person's innate Dosha or "energy that governs a person's body."  You can access this quiz HERE.

Once you take the quizzes, record the results in your journal so you may easily reference it throughout WOM.

* Note: These quizzes are offered through third parties. They claim not to sell your data; please engage as you wish.


#4: Watch & Reflect

WOM is about living a biodynamic rather than mono-cropped life. This is authentic living at its best.


The film "The Biggest Little Farm" is an inspired true account of how a couple revived a dead piece of land by turning it over to the natural principles of the wild Earth.  Watch this movie before you begin WOM to open your perspective to what happens when humans collaborate with the wild.  Ask yourself, "when was the last time I let go of control and was gifted with abundant life?"


This is your time to gather round with caring people who are liberating their hearts and souls for the dream of the world. I hope you will jump in heart-first with me for a journey of a life time!


Begin it when ready and then go at your own pace – but please do maintain a pace.  Again, I recommend that you take at least one week per chapter to let the insights sink in and germinate.  


Show up for yourself by dedicating time to yourself. Our wounds and discomforts are our very gateways to healing, compassion, and the glorious liberation of the heart. This may even be what lead you here today. It is only through the alchemical fire (leaning in to the heat) that we shed the old, awaken the imaginal, and ultimately emerge with wings!

'Way of the Monarch' is in pre-release with the full launch scheduled for January 2023. I will email you upon launch at which time you can tap "BEGIN" and enter the password from your confirmation letter. And for new visitors, welcome! You may place your pre-order below:
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