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of the monarch

Welcome Everyone!

'Way of the Monarch' is an embodied book that mimics the Monarch Butterfly's extraordinary path of transformation from consumer to pollinator (crawling to flying). Before we can fly free, we must shed our burdens first, soften the ego, and awaken the imaginal self.

This journey is deep, penetrating, experiential, fun, romantic, comforting and liberating.  Come drop into the introduction to see for yourself and journey along, if you choose! 

"Shed the Old

Awaken the Imaginal

And Fly Free!"

You're invited!

It's time for some self love, self care and self discovery.


Why? Because our current system hoards power. And, that's no good because it's against the law of nature. The whole is served when each is expressive of their full genius.

Are you ready to answer your ache for wholeness? Come join Lori Wallace for a journey of a lifetime. She'll be there supporting you, reflecting on your gifts, guiding you down a path of discovery that will open your heart center and deliver you whole.  


You are welcome here and we look forward to your presence in the Monarch community!


'Way of the Monarch' by Lori Wallace (6m, 37secs)

What is an 'Embodied Book'?

'Way of the Monarch' is an experience of personal liberation (heart liberation) that follows nature's law, 1) shed, 2) awaken, and 3) fly free.  As you can imagine, this is a multi-dimensional calling. So, to bring the whole experience fully alive for you, the book is dynamic and inclusive of the following:

  • Reading of poetic and practical content (text) arranged by purpose, section and chapter.

  • Multi-media elements that enhance each section including music lists, movies, and interviews by subject matter experts.

  • A Yin-Yoga series designed to help you embody each leg of the journey.

  • Companion reading through Mary Reynolds Thompson's "Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth's Landscapes Restores Us to Wholeness" to bring a deep and archetypal dimension to your full liberation.

  • Private social media group for sharing and inspiring within the community.

  • Live weekly Zoom meet-ups to connect the guidance in to the now and explore what's unfolding for you along the way.

Everything is dynamic and full of life – and imbedded in connection. Welcome!


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