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A Matter of Science

In 1991, Doc Childre founded the HearthMath Institute to study heart intelligence from a scientific perspective. He sought to show evidence for how the heart influenced human behavior and well being, as separate from the mind.

Since its founding, Doc Childre has grown HeartMath into a global authority on reducing stress, building resilience, and optimizing personal effectiveness. Dr. Childre set out to provide educational and clinical research on emotional physiology and self-regulation and has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at many scientific conferences worldwide. I am so thankful for his focused work!

What is at the heart of his findings? Doc Childre says this:


“As collective consciousness increases, this will eventually reveal that love is an advanced mode of intelligent living. People have just scratched the surface of awareness regarding the focused power of love and its capacity to create a heart-based environment; one where individuals can transcend fear and what it brings, while manifesting their undiscovered gifts and fulfillment.”

Y E S ! ! ! 


This is IT! The heart is our magnet that connects us to energy forces in our living, seen and unseen planet. Yet, most people are afraid of that which they cannot see and so the whispers of the heart go unheard or unanswered. But think about it – you can't see oxygen, and yet you rely on it – right?


Now, in the current chaos of the evolving human consciousness we must remember our true power to intuit, connect, and love. This wholeness is your birth right.


Touch your heart right now, again. Take a moment to reconnect to this oft forgotten part of your magnificent whole.



Deborah Rozman, a leader within the HeartMath Institute, shares a powerful experiment that demonstrates the heart's capacity for "tuning in". This will surprise and amaze you!


Let's keeping diving into the science of heart intelligence by learning about the heart's neurological make-up; its magnetic and electrical energy field and how it truly acts as your living compass. The science is there. What this 4 minute video that takes you beneath surface awareness. (Note: this video is a bit robotic sounding, but the information is on point!)

Okay, with me so far?

Let's keep going . . .

Joseph Chilton-Pearce, author of "The Biology of Transcendence" and "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg", calls the heart “the major biological apparatus within us and the seat of our greatest intelligence.”


He and leaders in the field of neurophysics have discovered that the heart is far more than the body’s main pumping station. More than half of the heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those that make up the cerebral system in our brain. Wow! And it appears that the heart's electromagnetic field extends at least ten feet out from the body and is five thousand times stronger than that of the brain. Amazing! Who knew?


The heart is the center of it all! A closed heart means a closed mind. A closed heart means stunted intuition, creativity, attraction. Just think how many of us (especially dear men in our fear based culture) are denied full access to their feeling nature. Imagine this disaffected state so many live in because they have been coerced into silencing the energy of their hearts.

Spiritual Center.


In a spiritual sense, it is said that the heart spirit – the shen – is a spark from the fire of heaven that is bestowed on us by the stars when we are born. In the Chinese, Vedic, and Hebrew traditions it is known that this spirit resides in the center of the heart. The shen guides the heavenly spark into expression of our purist potential. It is the seat of inspiration, insight, awareness, and compassion. This is the spark we wish to reclaim; the immortal pearl lost in that protective shell of coping mechanisms. 

There's more!

The energy field of our hearts mimic that of the earth and the galaxy! This is truly astounding!

Here's how:

  • The Earth is encapsulated by an electro-magnetic field, known as the toric field.

  • The centre of Earth’s torus is anchored deep within the crystalline iron core of Earth (the ‘heart’ of Earth, or ‘Earth Gateway’ or the 'Zero Point').

  • Energy then emanates through Earth’s torus in Fibonacci spiral formations around/through the Earth, returning once more into the Earth’s heart.

  • In a holographic/fractal universe the toric field of Earth is akin to the toric field of the atom, the toric field around our sun (heliosphere), and even on a much larger scale, the toric field around our entire Milky Way Galaxy! And remember, all of this mimics the toric field of the human heart!

W O W ! ! !


Do you see where this is going and the ultimate integration at play here?

I'm going to take the liberty of going even deeper with you as we consider the connection between the energy of our hearts and that of the Earth and the Universe. Okay, let's go . . . 


In the last 3.6 Million years there have been nine full magnetic pole reversals on Earth. This is when iron molecules in Earth's spinning outer core start going in the opposite direction as the other iron molecules around them. As their numbers grow, these molecules offset the magnetic field in Earth's core. The magnetic field weakens and then gradually flip – north becomes south and south becomes north. Trippy!


According to geologists, we are overdue for a reversal as they generally occur approximately every 400,000 years.

Earth with Orbit
Earth's Pole Reversal

Now, good news, a reversal does not equate to dooms day on Earth. However, at the energetic level, the magnetic chaos at the Earth's core seems to mimic that at the human core. Take a look at this graph below. Which would you say best reflects the level of chaos we all have been experiencing for the last several years?

Earth's Polarity Shift

There is a shift taking place. Could it be leading us all to a quantum leap in consciousness? One from fear based to love based?

Quantum Leap of Conciousness

It's time for this shift has come.

We're ready!


As humans, we have evolved beyond our original existence as prey animals. In the first nearly two million years of our evolution, 10% of human groups were eaten by predators. That's similar to other herd animals. And so, it's no wonder that fear and anxiety are hard wired into the human psyche. But, for the last eighty thousand years or so, we have moved from prey animal to apex predator and with modern advances, we're living much longer lives. So, now is the opportune time to actively and consciously work to shift from fear based (prey animal) to love based (divine being). And by divine, I mean "of the stars."

Barbara Ehrenreich speaks of the origins and traps of our living beholden to our fear based egos in her astounding book, "Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War". I highly recommend this book for its scientific and anthropological look at what got us to the state we're living in now.  A very powerful concept she explores is our human lust for power over others that manifests as war, dominance, denigration of others who are different from oneself. This is directly linked to an unconscious need to appease desperately anxious egos that expect danger around every corner. But, the news is good. We each have the power to evolve, overcome and awaken our master compass –the heart. We may rise and live our best lives, starting in this very moment.

Blood Rites Book Cover


You see now how connecting to one's heart center is a huge advantage in a complex and multi-dimensional world made of pure energy. In fact, you already tapped into it in the first section under snake when we practiced antagonistic mentoring. When you opened to the guidance, you were opening to the guidance channel of the heart. 

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Ready to integrate all of this? Go for it! Next weekend after Lion Integration, we drop deep into your imaginal self in Whale.

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