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Way of the Monarch (WOM) is interactive, multi-dimensional, social and alive.  Below is an outline for all you need to find your way, save your place, and connect throughout. Please take a moment to review everything shared before you begin so you may journey forward with ease and joy.


I recommend that you engage WOM via your smart phone or lap top away from a desk. Sitting at a desk is far too rigid and linear for a journey into real self. Find a comfy chair, take a walk, sit under a tree – engage from anywhere you feel free.


I recommend you create a home base for WOM by saving this page to your home screen on your phone. It will show up as this icon below among your other apps.





Additionally, in order to remember your place as you pause and resume reading, I recommend you create an electronic bookmark each time so you may easily find your place.  HERE are instructions for saving to your homepage and for creating bookmarks in both the iPhone and Android.  


Each main Section of WOM is password protected. The universal password is shared in the confirmation letter you receive after purchase. The password may change throughout the year for security purposes and we will keep you notified.  



WOM is copyrighted and protected content. Please take care to refer friends to purchase their own access to this body of work. However, if there is someone who would truly benefit and is unable to purchase access, please contact me to see what we can do to support them (

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WOM is a journey into authentic relating to self and the world around you that's inspired by the Monarch butterfly's three main phases of growth and transformation, including: 

  1. Shedding the Old

  2. Awakening the Imaginal Self

  3. Flying Free

These three phases are brought to life via six main sections shaped through nature's wisdom that follow an initiatory path into real self. These six sections in turn contain section chapters of which there are thirty-three in total.  

Phase #1: Shed the Old

  • Section #1: Snake Wisdom, "I See"

  • Section #2: Chrysalis Guidance, "I Co-Create"

Phase #2: Awaken the Imaginal

  • Section #3: Lion's Love, "I Love"

  • Section #4: Whale & Story, "I Feel"

Phase #3: Fly Free!

  • Section #5: Wolf & Authenticity, "I Am"

  • Section #6: Bee & Belonging, "I Belong"


WOM is further enriched with enlivened content offered in a variety of formats, including: text, audio, musical, video, embodied, communal, and cinematic.  All is presented either, 1) in line with the content as you read through, or 2) as themed section content that can be accessed via icons located at the top of each chapter page.


And one more note on dynamic content. WOM is alive in me every minute of every day. Content will shape shift over time as it evolves with life. You will have access to WOM forever so feel free to circle back when you feel a need or desire to awaken the Monarch in you. Likely, something new will be available to you!


At the top of each chapter are six icons that link to the following dynamic content:







Contents: This icon takes you to the contents list that pertains to the main section you are in and its corresponding chapters. (Note: this icon is activated here).

Zoom: This icon links you to the ZOOM Meet-up registration. (Note: this icon will be activated in future pages).

WOM Map: This icon links to the WOM journey map so you may see where you are and where you're going at any time. (Note: this icon is live here.)

Yin Yoga: This icon opens to the Yin Yoga series by Kaija Rose that adds an element of embodied connection and experience to your journey. You're invited to follow along with chimes throughtout signaling when it's time to change poses. (Note: this icon will be activated in future pages.)

Wild Soul Reading: This icon opens to our Book Circle reading of "Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth's Landscapes Restores Us to Wholeness", by Mary Reynolds Thompson. You may integrate this soul opening reading into your journey with the Monarch, or circle back at the end to extend your live engagement and add to your full awareness. Whatever feels good! (Note: this icon will be activated in future pages.)

Song List: This icon links to WOM's Spotify song list. I'm always looking to add to it, so all suggestions are gratefully received! (Note: this icon will be activated in future pages.)

Mystery: When you see this icon sprinkled throughout WOM, click to listen while you read. This also can indicate an audio message from me.


Each section includes an Introductory chapter that lays out the focus and theme for that section. This chapter includes an audio of approximately 10 minutes in length which is an intimate message from me to you. I recommend you listen in a quiet and unhurried place and time of day.  


Also included in the introductory chapter is the section's movie pairing for greater dimensionality and inspiration.


Each section ends with an integration chapter that invites you to take note of what you've experienced and may be feeling. It's important in this journey to take time to integrate before moving on. As such, opportunities for reflection, for pausing, and for sharing are built in throughout.


WOM is nurturing, yet intense – both.  You may find the material light and easy to receive with each chapter taking under ten minutes to read. However, the concepts shared are deep truths that have been hidden from us most of our lives. So take care to go slow.  Dedicate a full week to each chapter. The Intro and Integration chapters can easily combine with the chapter that follows or precedes, respectively.  Some chapters work well as sets and will be communicated as such. While you may finish the reading and enagements in just a day or two, allow it to live in you for the rest of the week. In fact beginning each new chapter over a weekend tends to flow best.  Moving too quickly through WOM is like throwing seeds out on a parched Earth as opposed to dropping them into rich mulch just under the surface where they can germinate and grow.



WOM may be experienced privately or integrated with community.  I open space each week on Zoom to explore authenticity and the WOM journey as it relates to the present moment. Just tap on the Zoom icon to register and join as many times as you like. Our Zooms are embodied experiences, so be sure to read the notes for what to bring. For the purpose of privacy, there will be no recordings of these gatherings.


In addition to Zoom, I have opened a private group on LinkedIn where all are invited to connect and share.  Links to the chat and book circles are provided throughout WOM.  If you don't have a LinkedIn account yet, you can create one for free here: REGISTER.


At anytime you need help with navigating Way of the Monarch, please reach out directly by clicking on the email icon found at the top right corner of each page and we'll respond back as soon as possible.

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