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Friend, I'm so excited to invite you on this mystery tour into real self. Here you are invited to shed, awaken, and fly! And you're not alone on this journey – I join you with joy, curiosity, and deep respect.  The matrix of life is love – and love is fully present here.


As I type these words sitting in my little sage writing house with actual sage burning in a small bowl next to me and the essence of lavender oil wafting up from my palms, I'm imagining your face, your smile, and your open heart. I thank you, and your soul thanks you, for engaging with the mystery – for opening up to the unforeseen so you may touch the center of authentic living – and be free. 

As you prepare to join me, first a few important notes on inclusivity, spirituality, and commitment to self:

  1. Inclusion: People of all faiths, nationalities, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, body types, political affiliations, economic status, skin color, age group – simply every person is welcome here to engage, play, wonder, and grow.​ The only distinction I make is that each come with an open heart, a commitment to kindness towards self and others, and a desire to know and care for one's self.

  2. Spirituality: This experience will be spirtual, and not in a religious sense, but rather in a heart-centered and deeply connected to nature sense. Throughout 'Way of the Monarch', when I speak of soul, I'm speaking of the unique essence of you. And when I speak of spirit, I'm speaking of the universal energy of love that binds all of life together. I'm speaking of life and love.

  3. Commitment: 'Way of the Monarch' is a return to self. All our lives, much to our own discomfort and personal sabatoge, we consciously and unconsciously abandon self. We do this largely to survive. Dr. Gabor Mate in "The Wisdom of Trauma" describes trauma as any moment in our lives when we are unable to show up authentically as self. Every single one of us has experienced this trauma to one degree or another, and it's devastating to life and love. But, the good news is that trauma is the wound that cracks us open and actually propels us towards healing and transformation. So, for the sake of love, you're invited to show up for yourself here and for those you love. Please don't feel rushed, but do feel committed. You are in a life long, deeply committed relationship with yourself. See this journey as a gift to self, and see it through to the end. Then take or toss those parts that do or don't resonate.  Only you can know. And only if you pay attention and say "yes" to the mystery.

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