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Having considered the power of diversity and how it drives commitment to show up authentically in the world, as well as having braved being seen, wolf moves us next into the mechanics of authentic relating. The first and most critical step is reclaiming the life affirming qualities of "boundaries". 


In the wild, methods for communicating boundaries are built-in and essential to life. As you may recall when we began our journey together, snake and cactus showed up as great teachers of boundaries. Be it rattle or prickly spine, snake and cactus have evolved to effectively communicate their life saving boundaries in a manner that preserves not only their very lives, but the life of the other as well. A quick rattle keeps both parties safe.


Wouldn't it be great if we humans could do the same? Imagine a world where signaling of boundaries was natural and appreciated like this: 

Collage of Nature Pictures



Star Rose Bond reinforces for us the truth and gift of boundaries. Let's hear again from her about what's really going on from a social conditioning perspective so we may be more conscious and from there more secure.  

When I tune into my own boundary needs

I feel . . . 

Keep going! You're on to something!

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