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A wolf howls at the sky and its pack members respond. This powerfully reaffirming and it strengthens the pack.


When it comes to humans, however, we tend to struggle with communications. We hedge, test, punish, confuse, withdraw, dominate – any and all of the above in order to compensate for a fear of being seen, or of not being seen.


So, what's behind this pervasive fear and dysfunction when it comes to communicating?


Humans suffer from a primal fear of abandonment and that's further confounded by a life time of social conditioning and pressure to conform. Add to that a deep fear of death and we have broken channels of relating.


For roughly two million years humans were prey animals (not apex predators). Anxiety is imbedded deep in our psyches. But, as you saw from our time in lion, we humans are actually designed to rise above all that and lead from the heart. The time is now to make it happen.


Wolves are indeed top predators, but unlike humans, wolves protect the delicate balance of life in their ecosystems. They are stewards of diversity and abundant life – and gifted teachers for social responsibility, authentic relating, and love.


Here is your moment of immersion with our mentor. Truly take in how this beautiful and relaxed this wolf is as it raises its voice and is roundly rewarded.



Inauthentic communication is exhausting and wasted energy. It is not conducive to thriving and surviving in the wild. Turns out, it's wasted energy for people as well. But, before we learn how to communicate compassionately like wolves, let's first gently and safely experience "being seen" by another – an area that often brings discomfort. But how can one be authentic without being seen?

Being Seen

Please print and forward the "Being Seen" worksheet below to two people close to you. The ask is for your friend or family member to reflect on your strengths and gifts so you may experience being seen. This is not an exercise for constructive feedback. This is an open door to experience being seen and feeling safe in doing so. When you receive the worksheets back, take in what is shared. Truly, let it in. Notice any themes.  Then, share in the poll below your experience.


Way of the Monarch Logo

Ooooh! To be seen! You can do this. Venture out and learn of how people truly see you in the whole of us all. Take the week and see you next weekend in Boundaries.

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