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The Dive

Let's explore the realm of story by first jumping in and reflecting on self beyond the roles we play. This is our gentle look below the surface of "job" or "role" to touch the center flame of soul.  

Why look?  


We look in order to be known to ourselves and eventually fly. Remember, as a baby you were born into relative trauma. Meaning, when you left the nirvana of your mother's womb, you were forced to engage the world through call and response. And when needs were not met, you coped.


Those "coping mechanisms" – such as dulled or raging emotions, people pleasing, addictions, distractions, and more – codified into a shell keeping you seperate from true self. Adulthood signals the time to shed the old and awaken the imaginal. 

"How desperately sea water begs the pearl

to break its shell." – Rumi

Today, you're invited to drop below the surface and reclaim your immortal pearl – that piece of the Milky Way that seeded in you and awaits liberation from your protective shell.


Let's play with this a little, with no attachment to the outcome. Have fun and let your curious and grateful heart take the lead!


Attached below is the "dive boat" worksheet that guides you four levels deep into meaning.  This is easy and playful, but also penetrating as it may be the first time in a long time you turned your gaze inward. Enjoy the attention. Drop one layer down at a time and when you get to the bottom, pause at "pearl".  If you can fill it in, do. But it may be too soon to recognize your inner most pearl (spark).


There is one more piece. On the sea wall, there's space to share three areas of need you care most about in the world. These are areas that you most would like to influence for the better. What might those be? Ruminate on it a bit. This may change over time. But what resonates today? These needs may be specific or thematic. Share whatever rises for you.


Keep this worksheet, as you will refer back to it in the realm of bee. 


Self refletion is essential for wholeness, yet a foreign experience for most. Take this week to complete the Dive Boat practice. When done, put the sheet down, then pick it back up later – a few times. Mindfully explore the depths of you. Next weekend, when you're ready, progress to drop in even deeper with me to further awaken your imaginal self. 

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