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Whale invites you to go even deeper to plumb the depths of your oceanic heart. If we are to live a life of purpose, joy, and boundless love, then our hearts must always inform our actions.


So, let's go in deep. Let's reclaim that bit of stardust from the universe that seeded in your heart and soul at birth. It's time to reclaim it all!

Whale Immersion

Let's begin by first immersing into the majestic world of great whales.


These beings navigate effortlessly between air and watery realms with grace and ease. They are weightless and trusting, ancient and wondrous.


Watch this encounter below and notice the sights along with the sounds, especially the difference between above and below the surface of water. Which sound is soft and which is hard? Which is contained and which is scattered? Whales invite coherence with depth.



You're invited now to engage in a guided meditation with me. This practice requires complete surrender. It's a practice with no real aim, other than bliss and surrender. Have your journal nearby for follow-up reflections and sketching. 


For this experience, please climb into bed or snuggle under a blanket on the coach. Get super comfortable. Listen with headphones and surrender to my voice.

I have no expectations of you, other than your presence in the moment. This guided meditation is a return to the singularity of soul. The presence of the present (if that makes sense).


Be prepared to surrender to the deep and see what happens – and that may even involve falling asleep. All is good as is.

Whale MeditationLori Wallace
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In your journal, sketch what you saw on the oceanic wall. Add what you felt or observed in the realms of above and below the surface of water.

Even though it may not feel intense, this work of heart-opening is life changing. We live in a world kept small by the confines of the rational mind. All along our hearts are the seats of true intelligence and the beacon for attraction. So, let this important work live with you for however long it takes to feel complete for the moment. When ready, on the next open weekend, progress with into Whale's realm of story.

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