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Awakening the imaginal is of the heart. Lion and whale medicine reveal the science and story behind the imaginal. Having tamed defensiveness and opened to stillness, you've tapped into your heart's intelligence. This is big.


Let's integrate your experience so far by drawing in this epic inspiration from Pai in "Whale Rider". Below is the inspiring scene where Pai asserts her purpose and place in the mythic story of her people. She claims her place in the ancestral line of chiefs by singing a traditional song usually reserved only for boys.  

Through story, remembrance, and song – Pai is found.  


How might your own experience of returning to your story enlivened you?


You are myth and magic. Do you realize that? Your life contributes to the mosaic that is our world. Without you, we are hobbled. We need you in your full authenticity, every day.

Way of the Monarch Logo

On any fresh weekend you feel ready, Wolf lays in wait ready to teach you of diversity, life, and compassionate relating. Wolf is the key to flight. Get ready to claim your new found freedom!

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