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Life happens in those in between spaces where love is lost and then found again. From the wisdom of whale, we learn to gather up the broken fragments of our lives and piece them back together again in the form of story. This way we can recognize patterns and see how we're being seasoned into healers – every single one of us.


The question thus remains, how and where will you serve life – your own life and that in the world around you? In what way will you help mend the original split between heart and mind that plagues us all?

Whale Knows


The answer rises from the depths of soul in the form of myth. It rises to break the surface of persistent anxiety to reveal a storyline that's uniquely your own and uniquely your gift within the ecosystem of us.


Rising to Myth



By now, you have set down significant events of your own life forming a story tree. Now it's time to draw up the mythic and universal themes that tie together your unfolding tale of love and pain.


Let's look again to our example of Prince Harry. Each grey box now contains a mythic theme within the shared human condition. Might any of these sound familiar and match up to your own life? We all share in the human condition, namely the split from spirit. It happens from birth when suddenly we are thrust into a state of call and response – of survival.


Notice the root ball which signifies "wholeness." Again, your life is a persistent journey to reclaim a state of oneness, unity, and wholeness. Given Prince Harry's journey and his experiences of debilitating loss, trauma, and exile, it's no wonder that he's an advocate for mental health. This is his path to personal wellness and unity, and one he can share with a needy world.

Prince Harry

Mythic Life Map


Study each stage of your own Story Tree, draw up the mythic themes, and enter them into the grey boxes. At the root ball of "wholeness", if you feel ready, share what feels true.


This is where it all comes together –  for how your journey contributes to the wholeness of human life. For how your experience of fragmentation may inspire healing in yourself and in us all.


Remember not to force this. The root ball can be left blank and re-examined when we enter the realm of bee where all will be integrated.


Your story tree is alive and constantly shifting and changing. Taking care to appreciate all that you have experienced is a powerful step towards gathering up your wisdom and your compassion – and living a conscious life. 



Will you share what you've discovered? 

This work requires another week of mindful contemplation. Take your time and when ready drop into Whale integration to tie it all together. [See you in Wolf on any fresh weekend you feel ready.]

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