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You have gained much wisdom from snake for how to grow more conscious and skilled at transforming triggers into teachers, distractions into reclaimed space and time, and anxiety into avenues of self care. All of this prepares you brilliantly for what comes next – a softening of the ego.


Before you progress to "Chrysalis", let's mark this moment with an ethereal scene from this section's movie pairing, "Diving Bell and the Butterfly".


Remember the premise? This is the true story of M. Bauby, who found what true love was only after experiencing a catastrophic brain stem stroke. Losing all control was the measure of antagonistic mentoring he needed to finally crack open, and fly free.


Here is the scene where M. Bauby recognizes the trade off – the gift behind the wound.

Journal Prompt

Snake brings us back to what's true. We start there. In your journal answer these questions below.

  • What truth have you been avoiding?

  • Are you ready to align with what's true and shed what's not?

  • If yes, why now?

Way of the Monarch Logo

Bookmark this page or mark it on your "progression sheet" so you may come back next weekend and progress to Chrysalis, realm of mystery and chance!

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