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Only this.

Our reason for living.

Handicapped are we as a species by the oppressive power of the frightened human ego. Social conditioning teaches us to mute the heart and comply with the incessant dismantling of the wild – which includes the wild nature of our souls.


Tools for ensuring compliance include shame, judgement, exclusion – and so we unconsciously obey in order that we may survive.


Your time in chrysalis was a softening and an opening. Through stillness and surrender, you made space for an awakening of your imaginal self. You made space for your lion heart.


As always, let's take a mindful moment to observe the energy and spirit of our mentor.


In this video, notice the lion's passionate nature as he roars to connect. Notice how deep in his body the roar is grounded. This lion is not hiding in the bushes, nor is he muting his voice. Rather, he gives us his all with the full confidence that comes with authentic relating to self and the world around him.



Let's begin by first tickling awake your heart center with stories of profound love. 


In 2009 when the great recession was peaking, I was drawn to wander the streets of Berkeley and Oakland collecting stories of profound love from strangers. I recall at the time feeling as if the air was thick with fear, like heavy smoke from a torrential wild fire. This was a time when for six months my work as a recruiter fell silent and then lifeless. Single friends of mine were desperate to find a mate to cling to during a dark time of uncertainty. And in one desperate hour, a dear client of mine was shot dead at work by a desperately fearful employee. These were dark times indeed, and so I embarked on a quest to unearth more love in the world via story telling.


What I was gifted with lifted my spirit, and that is what I am sharing with you here today – all these years later.


"It's a little corny but there was one time and it doesn't even have to do with relationships between a guy and a girl or girl and guy. It's actually when I was younger and it was Valentines day. I was about 13, I think? I was going through some problems with my dad at the time; he lives down in Southern California. I was sitting in class and then all of sudden I got 4 bouquets of roses and a note that said, 'I will always love you no matter what, Dad.' He sent them all the way from LA. One at the start of the day, two at recess and one at the final bell. That was the first time in my life that I truly felt loved."

Girl at the market.


"I have two babies, my first is Magnolia. I kind of had a messed up childhood. I was very angry with my mom; she left me; I never met her; and then I had my baby. She came out; she was this perfect little thing and every bit of my heart was in love with her. And then I was able to forgive my mom. I thought, to be able to give away such a beautiful thing and never know it, you must be insane. I can forgive insanity."

Girl in Oakand.


"Every day is profound love."

Why is that?

"Well, you came in - you came in to talk to me and I don't know you from Adam. That's found love."

I see that too.

"If I wake up everyday and I do things every day - that's a moment of love. I figure it this way - if I can get up every morning without me being hurt and me gots to move around to get the hurts out of me - that's found love. When you don't get up and don't move around, there's something wrong. But, if you can get up and move around and sit for a little while, and then get up and move around again, you're doing something. That's the most important part of love."

Man in wheelchair.


"I have a mentor and we both are from the same town. I met her when I was probably twenty. I had dropped out of college and was feeling really lost. She kind of stepped in and saw something in me and started being my mentor. It has been this incredible challenge to let her into my life. I have a lot of trust issues as I don't have a family.

So to your question, 'what is profound love?' I have known her for five years and I have pushed her away for five years. And I have caused drama for five years. It's been a challenge. Every step of the way she has been this consistent person and she has never faltered, even when I pushed her away.

I saw her this weekend. She has a six month old now and she calls me the baby's auntie. She wants me to be part of the baby's life. It's like this new family for me and it is the most special thing I could ever imagine. I'm really lucky. Most people don't get a second chance at a family like that, and to find someone who sees them for who they truly are."

Girl at garagsale.


First, turn inward. Think of a time in your life when you felt profound love. It need not be a major event. It need not be a minor event. Just close your eyes and say these words, "Profound Love". What rises for you? Share in your journal; record the love.

Then, ask another. Approach two people in your life and ask them to share a time in their life when they felt profound love. You'll be surprise with how easy it is for children to answer and how difficult it can be for adults. We can and must capture the moments of profound love and make it the framework for how we perceive the world.

What story of your own or of another can you share about profound love?

Take this week to immerse in profound love stories. It's these experiences and stories that are the fabric of life. Take mindful time to collect and connect. Next weekend, we move into heart as compass, and begin the process of reinstating the heart as sovereign.

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