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The Working Soul | Lay-offs

Monarch chrysalis with butterfly emerging out.

Lay-offs are not terminal, they're liminal.

Our current culture of 'success or bust' leaves no room for what comes naturally, namely growth cycles, chaos, shape shifting, evolutionary development, metamorphosis, and seasonal change.

With 6.5 billion years of successful evolution under her belt, Nature knows about the proliferation of life.

Nature knows how daylight can only erupt into color out of the black canvass of night. How spring can only dazzle following the dead of winter. How a Monarch can only fly having surrendered its all to the logos of chrysalis.

Change is the beating heart of life. As human beings, we're capable of so much imagination and creativity, yet we fail when it comes to partnering with change, or collaborating with chance. And this is because our ego-minds are wired for safety.

But, the sabertooth tiger is no longer a threat. Survival is far easier than it was even 100 years ago. The ego-mind has far too much power in the modern psyche.

It's time to evolve and grow!

It's time to lead from your resilient heart! And the resilient heart follows the 'Way of the Monarch'!

1) Shed the old

2) Awaken the imaginal

3) And fly free!

These are practical and poetic steps to transforming lay-offs from terminal dead-ends, into liminal gateways to renewal.

When one masters the art of creative change, as Nature has, then one is capable of surfing the wind as Monarchs do – to live the life of their dreams.

The Practicals & Poetics of Transformation

To learn the practicals for transformational growth and renewal, visit Career Ecology and browse the practices of:

  • Feng Shui Resume: Closing the gap to connection and powering real attraction!

  • Mindful Interviewing: It's not a performance, it's a service! "How can I help you know me?"

  • Biodynamic Search Method: No more mono-cropping your life! Time to sow the seeds and match to your highest good.

And for the brave initiate who wishes to fully prosper by empowering their heart, mind, and soul, there's "Way of the Monarch" – an intentional metamorphosis from ego-centrism into full heart~mindfulness, and authentic living.

These times invite an evolutionary shift of epic proportions. Let your lay-off or urge for a change be your catalyst to living your best life.

Let's GO!


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