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Feng Shui Resume

Welcome to Feng Shui Resume! It's time to share your story authentically and seen!

Let's get started!

First: Download the Resume Worksheet below and fill out all the relevant data. Anything that is already shared in your resume you can ignore in the table.

Remember to include all of your work so we may start with your full story and then from there shape your resume into a strong presentation of your talents, impacts and vision for the future.

Second: Email me all copies of your resume/CV along with your completed worksheet and we will begin the process of designing your first working draft of the Fung Shui Resume! Following the first draft, it will be time for a 30 minute Zoom consult to follow up on questions and deepen into the brilliance of YOU :-)

Until we Zoom, be well and know you are on your way to living the life you've imagined!

Resume Worksheet:

Feng Shui Resume Worksheet
Download DOCX • 10KB


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