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The Working Soul | Feng Shui Resume Success!

Dimi is a Feng Shui Resume Master!

Dimi Maffia, PharmD, BCCCP is a creative and inspired writer and subject matter expert.

She came to me interested in crafting a resume that would express her integrated talents in the world, which include Clinical Pharmacy as well as consulting as a Subject Matter Expert (corporate and legal).

The process of shaping and birthing one’s own Feng Shui Resume is one of DIY. That means each person will deeply connect and usher up and out their own story within the expert framework of the resume design.

Dimi was a natural at this and easily assigned her story to the various coordinates in the Feng Shui Resume, as well she spun it into a look and feel that showcases her unique presence, including:

  • Personalized logo initials for the top bar which she made in Canva and dropped in as an image,

  • Personalized color choice for the top bar that actually matches the same in her LinkedIn Banner,

  • Extra modern contact icon design (also which she made in Canva)

Dimi readied her resume for any connection, expanding her network, and professional reach.

Take a look below at Dimi's top executive summary page, and as designed, notice how easily you're able to take in her remarkable story in all its fullness.

Bravo Dimi!



Zoom Links may be found in your order confirmation, or Way of the Monarch, at the top of each chapter.


Bring your lavender oil and imagination.


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