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Career Ecology Mandala


You're here! You made it! This journey from shedding to awakening to flying is actually quite epic and it requires space and time to manifest. It's a journey that cycles over and over again through life, and each cycle can take months if not years to complete. But its been awakened in you now and you've got what you need to live truly free.

A Review

You've been busy and attentive, my friend. You've followed the path of the monarch and gained timeless wisdom from nature's guides along the way. The journey, while linear in form within these pages, was actually spherical. Within each section, you shed, awakened, and were set free.  And we have proof:

Your Eco Mandala is living proof. Your Story Tree of Life is living proof. Your image of your shell and immortal pearl at the center of your oceanic heart is living proof. Your Buddha Tree, your strut, the heat from your antagonistic mentoring, your wolf speak – it's all living proof of an authentic experience and of an authentic life.

And this is forever. Take care to keep everything in a forever folder on your computer called "Way of the Monarch". Let it be a living and breathing record of your turn towards self love and of liberation. No more abandonment of self. No more of that. Just awakened love.

Our Forever Bond

You join me now as a pupil of the monarch. You have forever access to these pages – this body of work will evolve as life evolves. You also have forever access to the weekly live monarch circles on Zoom.  And if you have chosen to leave your reading of "Reclaiming The Wild Soul" by Mary Reynolds Thompson to the end, now is the time to circle back to the beginning and begin reading to expand your vision even further.


As a final act of heart liberation, let's drop into gratitude together. This lyrical video, again featuring Louie Schwartberg's poetic imagery, gives us that bird's eye view of all we have to be grateful for as living, breathing creatures on this earth.


And, let's take this one step further by truly incorporating the sweetness of life with a taste of gratitude. This requires that you head to the kitchen right now for your honey jar and spoon. If you don't have any honey, then anything sweet that can melt on your tongue (like chocolate or peanut butter) will do.  


So go there now and once you have your sweet and the spoon, tap the arrow below for my guided meditation into the sweetness of our friendship. And when done, there's Louie!

Photo of Lori Wallace
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We've been together for a long and meaningful journey and what an honor for me it has been. In my work, I have the good fortune of learning from people like you who bring their full hearts and genius to community and thereby bring us more fully alive and into wholeness.

If you are willing, I would be so grateful to hear what our time together has meant for you. Please indicate if you prefer I don't share your comments with others (I just use initials). Thank you for taking a moment to offer me this gift of your reflections, and as always – see you in the wild!

With love!

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