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Career Ecology Mandala


I am a deeply grateful woman. I cry most days gently for the gift of so many things – things like birds, bees, clouds, babies, hugs, kindness, elders, my son's eyes, the smile on my beloved's face, worms, elephants, and everything in between. I don't feel complete as a pupil of the monarch without sharing my deep gratitudes for the gifts I've received that have inspired me directly and indirectly everyday of my life.

I'll start with my parents, Dolly and Bill. My mother seeded in me from birth a piece of her expansive heart that inspires me to practice radical kindness every day. She taught me what love is. My father unlocked my enpreneurial side and urged me to never say never – while also sparking a desire in me most days to practice balancing his masculine views with the feminine perspective. 

John, my husband and soul mate, picked me up out of the ashes of self loathing and told me I was beautiful inside and out. He saved me and I saved him.

William, my now adult son, is a powerful teacher. He tapped me to be his mother from beyond and from day one challenged me to crack open, attach, listen, grow. He's not done with me yet.

Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters, Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of "Reclaiming Your Wild Soul" and "Wild Soul Woman", and Edveeje Fairchild, founder of 'A Woman's Nature School', unlocked my wild woman soul and brought me back to full consciousness. 'Way of the Monarch' would simply be a passing cloud without them in my life. You can connect with Clare HERE, Mary HERE, and Edveeje HERE. 

Star Rose Bond (licensed social worker, trauma therapist and founder of 'Life Camp') inspires truth and compassion in all her good works. Her insights and contributions bring a level of safety and credibility to our world and I am forever inspired by this woman.You can learn more of her work HERE.

Michael Meade, mythologist and podcaster, inspired a great deal of the thoughts I share here with you in 'Way of the Monarch', including antagonistic mentoring and the role myth plays in our unconscious minds. You can follow his podcasts HERE.

Kaija Rose Rader Chellemi is a gracious friend and natural embodiement of yoga as muse. Her contributions bring us to a space where we may feel our way and reconnect. You can learn more of her work HERE.

The Biomimicry Institute teaches me about the practical genius of nature that we silly humans have failed to notice as the template for success in life. The good works of Biomimicry remain an inspiration for every corner of my life from communications, harmony, and sustainability. You can learn more about them HERE.

The Biggest Little Farm film and its lessons about living a biodynamic life serve as the template for initiating an immediate consciousness shift from monocropping to biodynamic living. I recommend this film and the guidance within to everyone I meet. You can learn more about the farm HERE.

To the multitude of philosophers and poets who inspire my soul and spirit every day and who I reference in these pages, I say thank you for your gifts to the human family. Thank you for unleashing your authentic voice in the world.


And finally to Earth and all of Earth's children (and that includes you), I remain devoted and inspired. Each day my capacity to see Earth in all its brilliance is enhanced.  Each day I slow down my mind a little more to create space for what is real and whole. And I am stunned. You can learn more about Earth by going outside and looking up, for starters.


You are invited to continue your work of authentic relating by extending directly to your work~life with Career Ecology.

The life science of success is

Authentic Relating

Career Ecology brings this home for you so you can fly! 

Feng Shui Resume: A highly professional and evolved resume design that faciliates the flow of information for best comprehension and in a manner that is fully alive with the genius of you. It's time to leave the linear resume (a relic of the industrial age) behind and connect fully with a world that's fueled by diversity and cooperation.

Mindful Interviewing: Say goodbye to performance anxiety! Mindful Interviewing transforms interviewing from competition into connection. Make each connection point meaningful and then match to where you truly belong. This is a game changer!

Biodynamic Search Method: No more mono-cropping your life – that's too limiting! Learn how to design, chart, and execute a career strategy and search that expertly integrates systems, networking, and chance. Dreams are realized this way!

Learn more here:

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