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Snake reminds us that mental and emotional distractions can be harmful if they keep us from tuning in to self, our environment, and our natural need to grow.  In the desert, distractions can spell death. Resources like water and shade are far too sparce to be missed due to distraction. Better we stay attuned to self and seek out the life serving resources we need. This way we not only survive – we thrive. 


Snake: DistractionsLori Wallace
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In chapter one of Snake, we learned the truth about antagonistic mentoring and how it actually invites growth. Here in chapter two, we consider the most powerful antagonistic mentor of all – our own selves when we split off and distract! How many lost hours to social media can you count in a day? Or a Netflix binge? Or mindless shopping, eating – the list goes on and on, and it all comes down to avoidance or numbing.  Discomfort with ourselves is where distractions take hold.


Truth is, our hearts require unstructured space and time in order to dream and surrender to awe.  So let's take a first step towards connection by growing conscious of our unconscious tendency to disconnect, distract, numb out.


Distraction Inventory


  • Download the Distraction Worksheet (or use your journal).

  • Sample provided as reference.




  • Distractions: In the worksheet or in your journal, take a moment to inventory your main go-to distractions. Notice what space they take up in your life. Notice how they hijack stillness and connection.

  • Avoidance: Take a moment to notice what's behind the mindless reach for the distraction. Is it boredom? Is it anxiety? Is it a lack of comfort with space, with nothingness? Note this in your worksheet or journal.

  • Reclaimed Space: Imagine what you might reclaim when you weaken the grip of distractions in your day to day life. How might you be fed with more space? How might you better connect to self or those around you?

Study your list of distractions without judgement, only compassion. Now let's practice a method called "Star Fish Intervention" for breaking the cyle in the moment.



Let's actively break the cycle!


This practice is a physical intervention to move you from disconnected into a posture of open surrender to nothingness. You'll need to find a place in your home where there is space to lie on the floor, arms and legs flung out. This may sound wierd, but it's actually embodied. Have fun with this :-)


Once you have found such a place, take in a deep wholesome breath (in with the Yang/Masculine and out into the Yin/Feminine) to mark the shift - and drop to the floor.

  • Set your smart phone timer to 3 minutes

  • Lie down now gentley on your back with your arms and legs flung out – like a starfish. Let the ground and gravity hug you. Let the comfort of this hug help you reclaim your energy from scattered to gathered.

  • Press start on your timer.

  • With your eyes open, say to yourself, "void". Then just do nothing. Become one with nothingness. If you notice a strong desire to distract, then say it again . . . "void".

  • Remember, everything is created out of the void – babies and whole galaxies!  Enjoy this moment of devine reconnection to nothing.

  • When the timer goes off, take another wholesome breath in and out, and move back in to the course of your day. You can do this anytime to return to your center of void.

Distractions, A Mighty Beast!

What are your top three distractions and what will you do with your reclaimed consciousness and time?

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