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Myopia and questioning the status quo.

These times are calling us to open our eyes, and see what's true.

Children playing outside.
Children playing outside.

Today's share on compassion is centered on the health and wellbeing of our children. 

The attached article discusses the shocking truth about the growing incidence of myopia (near sightedness) in our children's eyes. 

The article quotes a startling statistic; seems a full 42% of people in the US are now myopic – up from 25% back in the 1970s – say what?!!!

The recommendation from ophthalmologists is to make sure our kids get out doors for at least two hours a day. It's the screens that are literally distorting the shape of our children's eyes.

Outdoors for just 2 hours a day seems minimal, doable, and critical given the state of our children's health and wellbeing.

This time of so much change and burgeoning compassion is an invitation to question the "status quo". What truly is in the best interest of one's health and wellbeing? How did we lose our own internal authority to external pressures?

Heart-mindfulness is a way back to reclaiming intuition, insight and internal authority.

As the founder of Career Ecology, I teach heart-mindfulness to professionals in search of meaningful work. The pathway is to partner ego with the heart so there is wholeness, growth, insight, and love. 

Whether it be parenting, partnering, working, or personal wellbeing – the pathway back to wholeness requires active awareness and compassion. From there internal authority can be restored. 💓 


The compassionate way in action:

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