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Living in Hard Places: Lessons from a mushroom.

Growing in the least hospitable of times and place.

Illustration of mushrooms.
Illustration of mushrooms.

Today I'm reflecting on resilience and how plants and animals show us everyday how to thrive in hard places.

Yesterday on my walk with old man Brody (my 11 yr old lack lab), I came across mushrooms growing in the middle of a sandy path that soon would be flooded with San Diego sunshine.

This spot is not where one would expect to see mushrooms thrive. And yet, here sprouted these intrepid beings in all their fungal optimism, intention, and desire!

Every day I pay attention to resilience in the natural world for inspiration. Like the flower blooming out of a crack in the tarmac. Or the bird nest built in my friend's old boot left on the porch and repurposed by twin sparrows.

Life is not afraid of living. In fact, life is ecstatic about living!


We humans can be too – if we just re-wild ourselves out of the externalized, ego-centric box and into authentic relating to self and the world around us.


SERVICE RESOURCES for resilience and authentic living:

Career Ecology: Holistic job search (success infused with wellbeing)

Biomimicry Institute: Looking to nature to solve our persistent human problems.

B Local San Diego: Business as a force for good.



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