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June, by John Updike

Liquid Sol

"June" by John Updike

The sun is rich

And gladly pays

In golden hours,

Silver days,

And long green weeks

That never end.

School’s out.

The time is ours to spend.

There’s Little League,

Hopscotch, the creek,

And, after supper,


The live-long light

Is like a dream,

and freckles come

Like flies to cream.

~ ~ ~

The poet.

John Updike, "My only duty was to describe reality as it had come to me—to give the mundane its beautiful due.”

John Updike (born March 18, 1932, Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died January 27, 2009, Danvers, Massachusetts) was an American writer of novels, short stories, and poetry, known for his careful craftsmanship and realistic but subtle depiction of “American, Protestant, small-town, middle-class” life. MORE

~ ~ ~

Poets turn into soul and whisper – I'm listening. How might your soul be listening too in these summer warm days?

(Come share in the comments, in your journal, or

in the tenderness of your own heart.)


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