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Dance to June

Liquid Sol

Dance Lumen

School's out – it's time to play – it's time to dance!

As we explore the poetic form of June, we celebrate the gift, the ethos, and the medicine of dance.

The ethos

of Dance

is the

ethos of


It's how light freely dances on the water.

It's how love dances in the wild wonder of your eyes.

It's how freedom dances across the grassy plains in the arms of the wind.

It's how time dances in circles drops into the sublime.

Dance is poetic in every way and everywhere. It's poetry in motion and beckons the ego to surrender to something primal – within.

~ ~ ~

Try this. Set your timer to 1 minute and then stand with your legs slightly apart and eyes closed.

Let your arms hang by your sides and invite surrender.

With the ego invited to rest, notice how your body sways and dances with your invisible partner – gravity. Stay here for the moment and dance with the great gentleness – of now.

Come, share what rises for you in the comments, in your journal, or

in the tenderness of your own heart.


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