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Compassionate Transitions

These times – boy, do they challenge us to think differently, and hopefully compassionately. I'm grateful for the love and the pain that leads to more compassion in the world, if we let it.

Today's reflection on compassion is taken from my morning walk with my old dog Brody. Along a dusty path between homes is a utility box that for over a year has been home to a hive of bees.

I've watched in wonder as the bees move in and out of a small opening in the box to do their good work of pollinating gardens and making honey for their babies and queen. 

I've marveled at how even the relentless rains this winter didn't drown the hive. Amazing resilience!

Today I was devastated and angered to learn the hive was dead. Worse, it was killed. A neighbor alerted me on my walk to a development he noticed a week ago. Someone had filled the opening to the hive with sticks and rocks to trap the hive in and choke off their oxygen.

I ran as fast as I could back to the box to pull out the debris in hopes of saving the hive before it was too late. I waited a day to see if life would return, only to find there was no activity. I pulled off the top and found a dead, rotting hive (video below).

I understand being fearful of bees, but there is a better way. A simple call to the city would have resulted in the compassionate move of the hive to a place where the bees could continue to flourish and serve the whole ecosystem of us.


This has me thinking about the nature of transitions and how we as humans can do better to support each other and all of life find their way through change with care and respect.

This is a core value of Career Ecology:

🐝 Lay-offs (ebbs and flows) in business; we work to empower people through change and thereby help communities, families, and businesses thrive.

🐝 Post Covid burn-out and loneliness; we facilitate enlivened events and collaborations to draw people back together and elevate meaningful work, collaboration, and fun.

🐝 Graduation and individuation; we open our business to interns and help empower youth via mentorship and authentic relating at every professional touch point.

🐝 Quest for meaningful work; we liberate humans to walk that job seeker's path with authenticity, intelligence, and wellbeing – leading to enlightened outcomes and joy.

How is compassionate transitioning supported in your line of work? Here are a few more examples that inspire the best in humanity:

🦋 Conscious Divorce

🦋 Birth & Death Doula Work

🦋 Recycling and Upcycling

We can do this. We can make compassionate transitions a thing, together. 💓 


Connect & Learn More Here:

Career Ecology for Business & Personal Work Transitions:

Conscious Divorce:

Big Sky Recycling of Cell Phones (B Corporation):


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