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Way of the Monarch


Thank you for being here – and for choosing a path of self care, self introspection, self discovery and self liberation at a time when the world needs you fully and in all of your brilliance. I imagine this walk towards liberation comes at a time when you need you too.

These times we live in.

Who has time, energy or patience for anything short of being "real"?

These times.

They're triggering change deep change within us. And our choice is to either slow down, listen, and respond authentically – or pinch off the call to love and die on the vine (an underdeveloped life form).


From the moment we're born, the process of separating from the whole begins. No longer tethered to mother, the world is both glorious and monsterous. Glorious in all its beauty and wonder, and monsterous in all its danger and death. The heart radiates in synch with the heart of the world, as the ego fashions its protections.

I'm going to lead you on a journey of liberation and initiation. It's a journey every human is destined to take, if only they soften from hardened ego into sensient heart.

Way of the Monarch is offered in an enlived format designed to support your full liberation of self, while inspiring new curiosities that in turn unleash your courageous heart on the world. As Mary Oliver says, "this is your one wild and precious life" – so let's begin living it!

Weekly Live Integration

In addition to the interactive-Book and imbedded engagements (audio, video, physical, cinematic), I open space each week on Zoom to deepen into this journey with you to bring it even more alive in your heart and mind.

This is the time to gather round with caring people who are excavating their hearts and souls for the dream of the world. I hope you jump in for a journey of a life time!

Space opens every Tuesday at 5:00pm PST with focus shifting every 30 minutes:

5:00 - 5:30pm: Shed the Old (for readers in Snake & Chrysalis)

5:30 - 6:00pm: Awaken the Imaginal (for readers in Lion & Whale)

6:00 - 6:30pm: Fly free! (for readers in Bee and Hummingbird)

Enter in at the time that aligns with where you are in the journey, and stay as long as you like!

Register here: ZOOM


Darlings (I call you that because you are dear to me and the world). So Darlings, begin when ready and then go at your own pace, but please do maintain a particular pace. Show up for yourself by taking sweet time to devote to your full becoming. Our wounds and old skins that bring us pain are the very gateways to healing, compassion and real self. Only through the fire, through leaning in to the heat, may we shed the old, awaken the imaginal, and ultimately emerge with wings!

A personal message of welcome.

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