Career Ecology

Career Ecology: Integrated e-Book & Live Integrations

Welcome and bravo! You have chosen a path of self care, self introspection, self discovery and self liberation at a time when the world needs you in all your brilliance.

Career Ecology, A Return to the Imaginal Self is offered here to you in an enlived format designed to help you liberate your story, inspire new curiosities, and unleash your courageous heart on the world. As Mary Oliver says, "this is your one wild and precious life" – so let us not delay any further. Let's live it!

Below is a video message from the author and guide, Lori Wallace. She will share further the enlivened experience that awaits you. Lori will also be available live every week according to the schedule below to deepen into the journey with you and bring it more alive in your heart and mind.

This is the time to gather round with caring people who are excavating their hearts and souls for the dream of the world. We hope you jump in for a journey of a life time!

Live Integrations

In addition to the e-Book and imbedded interactives (audio, video, physical, cinematic), Lori Wallace will hold an hour Live Zoom each week at 4pm (pst), according to this schedule:

Tuesday: Shed the Old (for readers in Snake & Chrysalis)

Wednesday: Awaken the Imaginal (for readers in Lion & Whale)

Thursday: Work where your heart intersects with the dream of the world (for readers in Bee and Hummingbird)

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