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Lost in the abyss of job change?

You're not alone.

Work Life Empowerment

begins here.

Lori Wallace, Founder & CEO

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Career Ecology
A transformative system of empowerment that excites authentic relating and integration at every career touch point – thereby fueling unlimited success. It's time to bring your search alive, match effortlessly to where you truly belong, and live the life of your dreams.

Career Ecology Powers Attraction



the responsive

Today's resumes are relics of the industrial age. They widgetize and inhibit authentic expression.

The Responsive Resume is a novel design built on 20 years of Executive Recruitment expertise.

It's technically precise in that it serves the employer's needs upfront and throughout, while ensuring you are fully empowered in sharing your talents and skills.


the activated

Optimizing your job search means mindfully and actively awakening your living ecosystem of support.

Your Activated Network includes your circle of personal and professional friends, LinkedIn community, recruiters, strangers at meet-up events, mentors, family, self, and chance.

You bring tremendous value to this world! It's time to re-integrate and live the life of your dreams!


the mindful

Here is the truth about job interviewing –– it's not a performance, it's a service. 

The Mindful Interview is an approach that builds on mindful preparation and authentic relating – all for the purpose of building trust, connection, and job offers.

It's time to explore and attract, and never feel performance anxiety again!


the dynamic

Typically, the hunt for a new job is linear, fragmented, and depleting (at best). 


It's time to reawaken your career ecosystem for maximum engagement and collaboration with others – and with chance.


The Dynamic Search teaches the practical and poetics of the job search so you can connect, endure, match – and feel great every step of the way!

How does Career Ecology work?

What is Career Ecology?

Career Ecology is a fully integrated suite of career development tools and methodologies that prepares you technically, emotionally, and holistically for total success in a highly fragmented and chaotic employment landscape. The suite covers every touchpoint, including 1) Responsive Resume, 2) Dyanmic Search, 3) Engaged Network, 4) Mindful Interviewing, and 5) Enlivened LinkedIn. The purpose is to power your capacity to manifest your next career move in a way that is healthy and in line with your highest good and wildest dreams.

What if I can't attend live trainings?

There are two good options should you have scheduling conflicts: 1) Live office hours and trainings are held weekly, so if one week doesn't work with your schedule you can drop in the next week. 2) Videos of the trainings are available in the program for viewing anytime.

How do I engage the tools & training?

Once you sign-up for Career Ecology, you are granted full access to the member only programs. Simply log-in and click on "programs" to engage. The programs are provided in a course layout that tracks your progress. Program templates and tools for download are accessable via the program resource pages. Live training and office hours are provided each week via Zoom (registration is accessable via the program pages). See the FAQ about non-live options if you are unable to attend the live sessions.

How do I maintain confidentiality?

We understand that planning a career change is a big decision that often needs to remain private from employers and colleagues. Your membership to Career Ecology is confidential and closed. By joining Career Ecology's private LinkedIn Group, your identity will be public, but you can control how you engage and what you want to share. Of course, if you are in between jobs, we recommend engaging openly so networking opportunities are maximized. When attending a live office hour or training on Zoom, you have the option of hiding your identity (instructions are provided in the program notes adjacent Zoom registrations).

What is the time commitment?

You go at your own pace. You have full access to your programs for a full year. Part of Career Ecology is establishing a rythym for direct engagement in your search. While Lori is a constant source of mentorship and encouragement, ultimately you set your own clock and timelines.

How can I resolve questions?

We are here for you! Each week, Lori is available live per program for 1.5 hours. The office hours are provided in the individual program notes. Any questions that do not get answered in the live call and have been entered into the chat will be answered and shared back in the Career Ecology LinkedIn Group and via email. Additionally, questions can be shared via "Chat" on Career Ecology and will be answered within 24 business hours.

When you master your Job Search,
you master your Well Being.

Lori Wallace is the creator of Career Ecology. Her system of relational intelligence is born out of two decades of in-depth Executive Recruitment and Agency Ownership experience, serving the needs of leading health systems and highly skilled new graduates to CEO's.  


Through years of intense work and observation, Lori learned what's behind both the joy and deep pain of the job/talent search experience. It's this – authenticity. Without it, skill and fit cannot be properly expressed, nor trusted. Everyone suffers.

Career Ecology is a novel solution backed by thousands of hours mentoring professionals and employers alike through interviews, negotiations, and onboards. And it's fueled by Lori's studied understanding and passion for heart~mind integration, and its impact on empowerment and wellbeing.


  Bring Your Questions to Lori  

  Any Tuesday at 4:30pm (PST)

Career Ecology in Action 

Andrew Carothers, CCXP

The Responsive Resume gave me an effective and unique way to put my best foot forward to potential employers. Based on years of recruiting experience, its structure is shining a bright spotlight on what employers care most about: impact you’ve made in your career, work experience, and skills in a single glance. It also allows me room for lots of keyword optimization, which is vital for getting noticed by recruiters. Plus, its visually appealing style makes you stand out at first glance. I couldn’t be happier with the results!


Navigating job change is the modern day Hero's Journey.  


way of the

An initiatory journey into real self, where mind intelligence bows to heart intelligence.

Includes 33 interactive chapters to experience at your own pace, plus Yin Yoga, a guided companion book circle, and bi-monthly live Zoom gatherings for reflections, sharing, communing, and growing – together.

"Shed the Old

Awaken the Imaginal

And Fly Free!"

Work induced change is the modern day hero's journey: exile, wounding, hope, despair, danger, reward, triumph, and the return to community.

Feel familiar?

Modern life is re-patterning all around us. More than ever it's essential to get still and reclaim your passion for work and for life.

That only comes with authentic relating to self and the world around you.

'Way of the Monarch' is a gift to self. 
A gift for anyone who's ready to touch their inner psyche, liberate their wild hearts, and emerge with wings! 

These times are calling for wholeness, healing, and belonging. Come unlock it all with Lori Wallace, and Nature's genius.

Self-care begins here – today.
Are you ready to fly free?

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