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When your voice is free and you can safely engage the world – then your heart is safe to take the lead.


The oft times viscious circle of showing up authentically only to be attacked scares most humans back into their shells.  But, wolves show us that we need remain mindful as we communicate so every one of us may collaborate safely in the whole.  


So my friend, having done this work, you're ready to strut! Come, walk as Maggie Rogers does in this video of her break through song, "Alaska". She inhabits her space. She feels her feels. She's raw and authentic, and alive!

Embody your integration with wolf medicine by putting on your head phones, taking a walk and letting loose. You've earned it!

When I raise my voice and feel safe in doing so, I want to . . .  

You've just completed some mighty complex (yet as natural as the rising sun) work around how to show up authentically and safely in the world, thanks to nature's lessons on compassionate relating. Play with this for as long as you need and when ready, see you on the next fresh weekend for Bee medicine around belonging!

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