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Happy People

Career Ecology: Empowerment

"The Career Ecology Program is an excellent program which will bring the best from yourself.  The program applies and teaches tools that will allow one to not only excel at their careers but one's personal life as well.  One will find that after completion of the program, one will present to the world with authenticity and confidence. Lori is a leader who leads with heart and experience.  When you have a leader leading by not only example, but with heart in today's times, one will find their best possible selves from completing this program."

– P.G., Executive

"I was convinced that my desire for humane connection at work was a silly, immature wish and that the 'real world' was the one in which I was working. Having this time to shed that daily assault on my person has allowed me to 'unguard' myself, my soul, my being in such a freeing way."

– J.W., Executive 

Mindful Interviewing

"Career Ecology's Mindful Interviewing approach is what's needed today.  Initiating a search for a new CEO for our organization, we needed to form a process that allowed our people to reflect our authentic culture and needs.  Lori helped devise a custom approach to the entire search process down to hosted introductions for panel interviews that ensured both candidate and panel had the opportunity to connect.  Mindful Interviewing is a must in a world hungry to align passions and skills and make a difference."

– K.B., Head of Recruitment 

"I have been to several interview seminars, but yours was the most unique and helpful.  I loved your take on how it’s all about human connection, rather than putting up a certain type of façade of being “perfect”.

– D.P, Resident

Career Ecology: Career Transitioning

"At the end of Career Ecology, I was able to fall in love with my career again and become employed. Lori will share with you tips of all sorts regarding the application process for seeking employment.  Her approach seems almost meditative, self-affirming. She helps keep you with a calm mind while you are searching. I think her human relationship perspective is helpful for all people.  She blends and relates to human behavior and traditional systems with the earth elements very conscientiously.  You will feel more emotionally connected to yourself after working with Lori.   She is a positive mentor!"

– S.W., Pharmacist

"In addition to the amazing self-growth and reflection, the program offers real and tangible CV/resume building and interview skills you can actually apply (vs just generic assistance such as "be yourself").  Last but certainly not least, the connection to Lori and the Change Eco team is invaluable!"

– D.P., Critical Care Pharmacist 

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