Career Ecology

Wolf [ Intro ]

Welcome to Wolf's Realm of Authentic Presencing

In the rocky mountains and valleys of the wilderness, there is a powerful teacher awaiting your arrival – Wolf!

There is much to learn from this powerful liberator of life and voice. Wolves are indeed top predators. But, unlike humans, wolves protect the delicate balance of life in their ecosystems. They are stewards of diversity and abundant life – and gifted teachers for social responsibility, authentic relating, and presencing.

In the next three chapters, Wolf will guide us back in to fierce appreciation of life and from there into safe communication practices that breed trust and wellbeing. Below is the outline for Wolf sessions, inclusive of the Intro Audio, and Movie paring. Welcome to the wild and free world of WOLF!

Intro Audio

(10mins, 25 secs)

Zoom Community, Thursdays @ 4pm: HERE

Drop in on any Thursday to integrate futher into the wisdom of Wolf and authentic relating.

Movie "On the Basis of Sex"

What better human example of authentic communicating, presencing, and transformation of boundaries to bridges than the phenomenal Ruth Bader Ginsburg?! Watch this film with an eye on,

1) where we would be if RBG had failed to risk being seen and heard,

2) the difference she has made on the ecosystem of us,

3) how she lived a life of intentionally bumping up against boundaries and thereby transforming them into bridges

RBG does it all!

Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Progress to the next chapter, "Diversity is Life"