Career Ecology

Whale : Deeper Dive

Going in Deep

Whale is inviting us to plumb the depths of our oceanic hearts. Already awakened by Lion, our hearts are now ready to let us in to the very center.

If we are to live a life of purpose, joy and boundless love, then our hearts must always inform action. In relationship to our ego minds, the heart coheres with the subtle energy of the universe and is the compass in the wild that leads us home.

So, let's go in deep. It's time to dive for your immortal pearl.

"Seawater begs the pearl to break its shell." – Rumi

As we reclaim that bit of stardust that was formed by the universe and seeded in our souls, we take notice of how it has evolved from grit to pearl after years tucked away in our protective shells. Let's reclaim it!

The Dive Meditation

Climb into bed; get under the covers. Listen from your phone and surrender to my voice. There are no expectations, just an invitation to drop into the mystery.


Did you see your shell? How did it feel to find it again in the depths of your oceanic heart? Sketch what you saw in your journal.


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