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Surprise Mentor : Whale

Reclaiming Your Pearl

With our Lion hearts open and vibrating, a special guest joins our circle of teachers to guide us ever deeper into awareness, inner navigation, and love.

Hello to Whale - the keeper of stories and song! It is through the gift of personal story that Whale helps us reclaim our true selves – including passion, purpose and place. So dive we must, deep into our oceanic hearts to reclaim the pearl of our essence which we may then hold up to the night sky as our beacon for true North.

Whale Audio

(10mins, 17 secs)

Jump In!

Let's explore the realm of Whale by first jumping in and reflecting on self beyond the roles we play.

>> Download or draw the Dive Boat practice in your journal. <<

Start at the top within the boat and share what's true for the roles you play, then continue through each category listed, spiraling down, down, down all the way to "pearl". Your pearl is that spark, that bit of star light that is your purpose and place in the world. You can leave that blank for now as we go exploring the depths of you.

Remember, we are all born activists. When we leave the nirvana of our mother's wombs, we experience the first split. No longer are our needs passively met. We now must engage the world. The means "call and response", and with that comes coping mechanisms, adaptation, survival. All of this is distracting and confusing and can obscure our unique spark – that contribution to the light of humanity that only we hold.

With the guidance of Whale, you are invited to drop in to remember your immortal pearl. The spark that is hidden in your shell and then wrapped in a pearl for protection.

"How desperately sea water begs the pearl to break its shell." – Rumi

So again, do not try to identify your pearl yet. This is a process of breaking the surface, deep diving, and discovery. Leave it be as an open question for now and one that will become more fully known as we enter the realm of Bee.

On the sea wall, share what three needs in the world you most care about and would like to influence for the better.

Keep this worksheet, as you will refer back to it in the realm of Bee. For now, it is useful for practicing an inward turn that explores the depths of you.

Download PDF • 309KB

Sample by Lori:

Download PDF • 318KB


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