Career Ecology

Snake [ Intro ]

Welcome to the desert sands where we meet our guide – Snake.

Snake is the animal of truth and resilience. It is shape shifter – growing in size with each shed of its skin.

Snake lives in the land of mirages, inviting us to face our limiting thoughts and distractions; seeing them for what they really are so we may embrace truth and begin opening to creative change.

For our two weeks journeying with Snake, we'll begin by exploring crisis people and events that trigger fight or flight in our bodies. We'll reveal the true nature of crisis, namely how it is a gateway to wholeness that serves our full becoming.

Entering this realm of Snake, full of truth and heat, may be difficult for you.

Snake is mysterious and powerful, triggering all sorts of emotions in us. This makes them powerful mentors for cleansing and clarifying our capacity to live an authentic life, while strengthening inner resilience.

Intro Audio

(10mins, 30 secs)

Please listen to the Intro Audio for Snake by clicking on the audio file below. It's recommended you listen to this over the weekend to ease into the guidance for the coming week. Also, be sure to find a comfy spot and listen to the audio with ear buds so you may intimately connect with the message.

Live Zoom Registration: Here

The Live Zoom for Snake is on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm, pst. There are two weeks dedicated to Snake, so join for both Zooms for a full immersive experience. Remember to come with your journal, lavendar oil, pen and curiosity!

Practice Outline This week's modules:

  • Introduction + Audio

  • Antagonistic Mentor Practice

  • Live Mentoring, Zoom (Tuesdays at 2:00 pm, PST)

Next week's modules:

  • Distractions

  • Emotional Self Care

  • Live Mentoring, Zoom (Tuesdays at 2:00 pm, PST)


"Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

With each step of our journey, a movie is suggested to help further drop you into the center of the guidance through story. For Snake, the movie "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" is offered as it is one of the most dramatic tellings of all time for how loss is the gateway to wholeness. It tells the true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby – a man who at the top of his career as editor for France's Elle magazine experienced a catastrophic brain stem stroke leaving him with "locked-in syndrome". In the matter of a few minutes, he was stripped of his glamorous life and ability to function as an independent human, with only one eye lid left working. Monsieur's Bauby's break down would prove to be his greatest gift and antagonistic mentor showing the truth of love. He died a happy man crediting his stroke as the gift that set him free.


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