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Professional Experience & Impacts

Let's dive in further into how to reflect "Professional Experience" and "Impacts".

"Professional Experience"

Below is an outline for how to best express work experience so the reader may build context while also getting to know the added areas of influence.

Name of Employer (all caps) – City, State

Dates off to the right

Summary of the organization in italics (note: this summary should be precise and useful; not a fluff piece from the Internet about how it is the best, etc.)

Role Title (include dates in parenthesis if this is one of several roles under one employer)

Role summary begins with the reporting relationship, followed by a clear share of the role's primary responsibility. Following the first sentence, you may further describe the role and then end with the list of direct reports and budget responsibility, if any. This summary is just facts (the "what"). The "impact" of this work follows below (if the role provided room for adding value).

Here are three examples:


Once the work experience is reflected, it's time work on the "impacts". Again, this is for you to shape as you see fit to tell the best story. This means that you may choose to customize the impact title a bit to highlight skill areas. You may skip "impacts" for some roles that were more tactical in nature. Common across the board, however, is that what's shared under "impact" should be clear and complete. No fluff. Share the impact with metrics where possible to complete the share.

Below are two examples of impacts linked to the work experience:

Additional Sections

In addition to the work experience, your client may have other valuable experience to share, such as:

  • Publications

  • Teaching

  • Certifications

  • Community Service

  • Professional Service

  • Public Speaking

You can create each new section with a section header that matches "Professional Experience." Just copy, paste and update the header name.

Making Comments

As you work on your client's resume, you will notice gaps, holes, opportunities to deepen and strengthen the story share. Highlight the section and make a note for your client to answer via email.


You are now ready to progress to "Preparing for Consult".

:-) !

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