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Lion [ Intro ]

Welcome to the realm of Love and Lion, and to the return of Heart Intelligence.

In the tall grasses of Africa, we gather round to receive from Lion the gift of life – a return to heart center. In our modern world, we live imprisoned by ego, a place void of passion, desire, longing, romance. This disconnect breeds confusion, anxiety and fear. It is through a fully active and connected heart that we may truly know love, and live a life in tune with our true purpose and place in life.

Over these next five weeks we will into move sacred relationship with our expansive hearts. Below is your outline for the Lion leg of your journey, followed by the Intro Audio, and Movie suggestion. Welcome to the wild and passion realm of LION!

Intro Audio

(5mins, 12 secs)

Please listen to the intro audio and rest your hands on your heart if you are able to listen while lying down.

Zoom Registration: HERE

The Live Zoom for Lion is every Wednesday at 2:00 pm, PST. The password is "eco". There are five weeks dedicated to Lion, so join for all five Wednesday Zooms to gain a full immersive experience. We'll let you know each weekend in our touchstone emails what theme will be covered in the following week. Remember, come with your lavender oil, journal, pen and curiosity!

Can't make it to the live Zoom? Not to worry! We will record the call and share the link for the most recent Zoom gathering in the Zoom Library.

Practice Outline

This Week of Lion Sessions:

  • Intro Audio

  • Profound Love. Immerse into stories of profound love, and then capture your own (from self and another) and share in practice completion.

  • What do you love? A practice of noticing and claiming the love in your life.

  • Contemplation

  • Heart Mantra. Before bed say outloud in your heart mind, "I Love"

Next Week of Lion Sessions:

  • Heart Coherence: video and embodied practice

  • Moving into Heart & Mind Dialogue

  • Contemplation

  • Heart Mantra. Before bed say out loud in your heart mind, "I Love"

Third Week of Lion Sessions (surprise bio-mentor):

  • Drop into Heart Center, Audio

  • Diving for your Pearl, Worksheet and Share

  • Contemplation

  • Heart Mantra. Before bed say out loud in your heart mind, "I Love"

Fourth Week Lion Sessions (surprise bio-mentor):

  • Story Tree of Life. Worksheet and share.

  • Contemplation

  • Heart Mantra. Before bed say out loud in your heart mind, "I Love."



This is a deep and complicated film – and worth watching again and again. This film takes place at a time when Earth is failing and scientists are exploring other planets in the universe to escape to in order to save the human race. Difficult choices have to be made, and what saves humanity in the end is the heart's gudiance sytsem. Settle in for this one. It's long and so worth every minute. Pay particular attention to the scene where Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey are at odds as to what planet to choose for their last ditch effort to save everyone left on Earth.

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