Career Ecology

Lion : Heart Mantras

Heart Coherence Practice

How do we live a heart centered life? Lion knows. It is both physical and spiritual. Having explored the science behind heart intelligence, we move now to awaken it in our bodies and then practice keeping it awake. Heart is both muscle and mindful teacher.

Let us begin.

Two Embodied Practices

#1: Opening the Heart Chakra & Filling it with Love

For this embodied practice you will need a drop of aromatherapy oil – preferably our standard for Career Ecology, Lavender. Why Lavender? Lavender is a flower that traditionally inspires devotion and with its color purple, signals royalty. Remember, mind intelligence bows to heart intelligence – the royal center of your being.

With your oil in hand, you're ready to watch the embodiment training video. Watch it once, then practice once on your own. We practice this as well in our live Career Ecology Zooms.

This is your heart opening and stimulating practice. Do this daily. Feed your heart and soul with what it craves most – conscious attention and love.


#2: Heart & Mind Dialoguing

Heart centered living is when your heart has the last and final word. Every minute of every day our over zealous egos work to steer us out of danger. And that's inherently good, but not when it overwhelms our emotional body paralyzing us with shame and anxiety. So, today we wake up and activate a practice of heart and mind dialoguing, where we keep the heart behind the wheel.

Heart Response: Anytime your inner ego voice disparages you with something like, "you're an idiot" (I get this alot from my ego), respond with your heart voice and say outloud, "No, I'm a good person and I bring value to this world."

Heart Gets the Last Word: Go back and forth as many times as it takes until your heart has the last word.

Get Physical: If needed, shake your head to rid yourself of the negative thoughts. This is a battle for control, and your heart has the power to end up on top.

Stay in the Fight: Don't feel badly if your ego / heart dialogue goes back and forth 10, 20 or 30 cycles or more. It's a start! In time, you'll require under 3 cycles to quiet the negative talk of the ego. Positive heart mantras work. They re-wire the brain and strengthen the spirit. If you are a parent with young children, get your kids in on this and early!