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Let's begin!

Below are instructions for what you need to begin. Here is a list of your review:

Resume Writing Platform / Program Set-up:

Resume Editing Program (Pages) + iCloud: Links and instructions for signing up for an iCloud account (if you work off of a PC) so you can access "Pages", the word processing application for the Feng Shui Resume.

Resume Template:

Feng Shui Resume Template: The master template you will use to build your training resume and all future resumes as writer.

Client Documents:

Feng Shui Resume Worksheet: This is the worksheet you will provide your clients along with your request for all their current resume documents. The worksheet requests additional information you will need to build their Feng Shui Resume.

Style & Design Guide: This guide contains the style elements for the resume that you will provide to your clients in their final resume packet so they may make their own updates going forward.

Feng Shui Your LinkedIn Too: This document provides guidance to your client on best LinkedIn Profile Page Set-up.

Training Documents:

Sample LinkedIn Resume Guide: This is for training purposes and is an example of how you will create a LinkedIn Guide out of the finished Feng Shui Resume.

Training Resume & Worksheet: This are samples we will use for training.

Zoom Training Link

Please complete attend to all prior to attending the Zoom so you may bring any questions or issues you come across and gain the support you need.


Resume Editing Program (Pages) + iCloud

The Feng Shui Resume is designed using Apple's superior document editing program called "Pages" (Apple's Mac equivalent of PC's Word).

As a Feng Shui Resume Writer, you will need to use Pages for your work in order to access the template, but good news, you need not have a Mac computer to do it! Apple provides access to Pages via iCloud (Apple's equivalent to the Google Drive).

For PC Users:

For Mac Users:


Feng Shui Resume Template

We suggest you download and keep these documents in a folder marked "Feng Shui Resume Training" on your new iCloud account. You can also save all on your PC, except the "Pages" version of the resume template.

Note: As a trainee and eventually as a certified writer, you have access to Career Ecology's shared "Sample Feng Shui Resumes" folder. The link to the folder is HERE.

Feng Shui Resume Template

Below is the template you will use to build your client resumes .You will learn in our live Zoom call how to navigate the template.

Feng Shui Resume Master
Download PAGES • 941KB