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Client Consult

Time to Zoom with your Client!

When your first draft is completed and comments/notes have been added, you are ready to consult on Zoom for 30 minutes with your client to discuss the resume, story and any open questions. This is a very important and generative experience for both you and your client. First, and most importantly, there is the emotional component:

  • Affirm for your client that you see their developing story and that it is full of life, meaning and accomplishment. Be affirming. Be positive. Connect. People feel very nervous about escavating their story and accomplishments. It can feel very uncomfortable. Your job is to help soften that and transform the whole experience into one of fun and discovery.

Share next what your client can expect:

  • Set expectations for your client that in this call, you will be taking the lead to ask questions, fill in gaps and delve deeper into their work, passions, contributions. Assure them that at the end, there will also be room for them to free flow and share anything they think you should know.

  • Let your client know that following this consult, you will edit the resume again based on the information shared, and then pass it to them via email for review and commentary. Let them know that this process of editing and review will go back and forth as much as needed to complete the Feng Shiu Resume.

Email your client to arrange your Consult call:

  • Set up a 30 minute Zoom (Zoom is free for meetings under 40 minutes)

  • Share a Calendly link so your client can pick a time to Consult that fits both of your schedules.

  • Attach a Word version of your First Draft Resume (your client may not have Pages), and alert them not to be alarmed if the formatting is off as that may happen in translation from Pages to Word.


You are now ready to progress to "Second Draft+"

:-) !

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