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Final Resume & Packet

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The Feng Shui Resume Packet

Once you have written and designed your client's Feng Shui Resume and it is complete, it will time to present the final resume packet via email to your client. The packet includes the following documents:

  1. Feng Shui Resume in PDF, Word, Pages (3 versions)

  2. Executive Summary (top page only) in PDF

  3. Style Guide

  4. LinkedIn Guide (adapted from your client's Feng Shui Resume)

  5. LinkedIn Notes

* The LinkedIn Guide is a version saved to PDF of your client's completed Feng Shui Resume with color coding to indicate what sections should be copy and pasted into which sections in your client's LinkedIn page.

Additionally, in your email, pitch the LinkedIn Profile subtitle. A sample is provided in the sample email below.

Sample Final Email

Let your enthusiasm show. You just helped liberate someone's vibrant story and this will lead to all sorts of meaningful connections in their life. Celebrate and send them off with all they need to succeed.

Ranarda the fabulous!

I'm so pleased to share your final Feng Shui Resume packet below! You are ready to begin sharing and being fully seen for the greatest you are!!

Let me help with a brief outline of what is provided:

  • Three CV Versions: 1) PDF, 2) Word, 3) Pages

  • Resume Copy (top page, PDF)

  • LinkedIn Guide:

  1. This is color coded as follows:

  • Red: Copy and paste into the Summary area of your LinkedIn Page

  • Blue: Copy and paste into the info section associated with each role in your LinkedIn Page

  • Subtitle Recommendation: I LOVE your tag line in your header. It looks great. Generally this line is key to assist with networking. But, if you are finding clients in other means and really using your page as a landing page, then I'd leave as is!

  • LinkedIn Notes:

  1. Provides guidance on how to bring your LinkedIn Profile fully to life.

  • Style Guide:

  1. This is key to read and keep. You have a CV now that you can update and edit yourself. However, we are always here for editing support as you grow for an hourly fee (easy peasy). But, you likely can update yourself. You'll see in the guide that I recommend you edit your Feng Shui Resume in iCould using Pages editing program. That is the design in which the resume has been built.

In addition, a suggestion for your LinkedIn subtitle (below your name on your profile). I recommend the following, "CEO / Pharmacy Managed Care & Benefits Management"

So, that is it my friend! I recommend you create a Feng Shui Resume folder and keep all these goodies there for safe keeping.

You are up to GREAT things in the world. Before I let you go, may I share your resume top page on LinkedIn to celebrate your beautiful expression? I'll link back to your page.

So excited for you!



Lori's Final Resume!

Here is the transformed resume for Lori. Compare this to the first linear style resume and note how much more deeply you may come to know her work.

Note: This Feng Shui design has been crafted to highlight the work of a founder/owner. Again, you can see how the Feng Shui Format leaves room for all sorts of unique expression.

Lori Wallace, Final
Download PDF • 261KB

Here too is the single page executive summary: