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Preparing for Consult

[ Sample Resumes: LINK ]

Preparing for Consult

Once you have completed your first foundational draft from the original resume and worksheet, the next step is to read through what you've built and note gaps and questions you have using the comment feature in Pages. As you do this review, keep an open, curious mind so you may note where the gaps are to gathering up the full story.


  • note what information is missing, such as reporting structure, team under management, etc.

  • if you have created room for "impacts", add an extra bullet with the open question, "more to share"?

Here is a copy of our training First Draft training inclusive of questions for consult, followed by a 5 minute training video.

Consult Draft
Download PAGES • 929KB


You are now ready to progress to "Client Consult"

:-) !

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