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Feng Shui Resume Certification

Welcome to the Feng Shui Resume

Certification Training!!

You are choosing a craft that truly has the power to unlock and shine forth the genius in every person. It is through excavating what's deep, true and remarkable about people then shaping it in to a format that serves the reader that draws them in activates the power of attraction. This stuff is deep! Who knew resume writing was the golden key to so much liberation?

In this training, you will learn the craft of Feng Shui Resume writing. The training guides you and includes two live 30 minute Zoom trainings (at the start and at the conclusion). You are invited to lean in and bring your energy and curiosity. This will require you to let go of all previously conceived ideas that keep people boxed in. As always, I remain your devoted mentor and colleague. Please share any questions along the way via Zoom or in the comments below each training.


Training Plan

  1. Intro Zoom: Training will kick off with a 30 minute intro training (live)

  2. Step by Step Training: You will be guided through a step by step process, complete with a sample resume and training videos, for how to accomplish each stage of resume writing, editing, consulting, all the way through to completion.

  3. Feng Shui Your Own Resume: Once you have completed the full training, your final step will be to Feng Shui your own resume. Your resume will be reviewed and critiqued so you may not only learn the craft but also come out in the end with your own resume!

  4. Certification & Invitation to join Career Ecology! Upon final approval and sign-off on the Terms & Conditions of Certification, you will be granted official certification and free entrance in to Career Ecology's exclusive Ecosystem of Practitioners where future clients may find you. There is no fee or commission owed to participate. Career Ecology is a community of Career Caregivers who empower full authentic expression in every human. You will also be invited to add Career Ecology to your LinkedIn page as an official member of our community of Career Ecologists!

Are you ready?

Click below to advance to the next chapter where you may download your materials, sign up for the intro Zoom and begin!

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