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DIY: Reviewing, Editing, Shaping

Once you have completed your first foundational draft, the next step is to read through what you've built and note any gaps or incomplete shares, issues with ordering or categorizing by impacts, grammar or flow issues, etc. As you do this review, take your tiem and focus. Turning into your own story and taking time to immerse in it may feel new to you, but it is deeply healing and empowering.

A few editing tips:

  • Is there any information listed in bullets that may actually belong in the role summary paragraph? And does any information in the role summary paragraph actually belong in the impacts (if any)?

  • If listing impacts, what might you have left out?

  • In reviewing all the roles listed, is there a natural break where earlier work may best be reflected in a list format rather than a the full description format? Click here to a sample resume.

  • Make sure there is no use of first person anywhere in your resume except the summary paragraph on the top Executive Summary page (which you will write last).

  • Check for grammar and clear writing style. Remember, no fluff! You don't need flowerly language to pump up your story. Share what's true and let your work shine through.


Attached below is a copy of a first draft resume of my personal resume. This draft includes comments/questions that I would have as a resume writer producing this for a client. I share this as it is a useful look into the process of critical review.

Additionally, I've added the training video I share with Feng Shui Resume training students. This again is useful as it conveys the thought process behind crafting a comprehensive resume.

Consult Draft
Download PAGES • 929KB


Keep going! Executive Summary Page is next!

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