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DIY: Final Feng Shui Resume

Your Final Feng Shui Resume!

What a moment! You showed up for yourself. You digged in the dirt to extract your full genius and share it with the world. This is significant work. We can't expect others to recognize our value if we don't take the time to first recognize it in ourselves.

The Feng Shui Resume Template is an energized format that guides you towards how to share your story so that hiring managers and recruiters may come to know you and feel that spark of attraction.

So bravo YOU!

Final Steps

Key Words: As you apply to various positions, you will need to optimize your resume for the ATS (Application Tracking System). Internal Recruiters post their positions and fill out key words for the position that the system will then look for in resumes and applications. All you have to do to maximize your resume for the ATS is to review the job description, note the key words that relate to your role and make any edits needed to update with the key word.

For example, if you are an Oncology Pharmacist and the job posting lists Infusion Pharmacist, then you will want to update your resume to reflect Oncology Infusion Pharmacist.

In optimizing your resume for the ATS, you may be creating unique resumes for each submission. But, that's okay and it's easy to do with the Feng Shui Resume. You are a master now and can make any changes you need to optimize connection!

PDF's: Share your resume as a pdf version so to ensure integrity with the formatting and information shared.

  • Create a pdf version of your full Feng Shui Resume (CV)

  • Create a duplicate of your resume, then delete the back pages so all that remains is the top executive summary page; and create a pdf of the summary page which can be shared like a resume.

LinkedIn: Follow the LinkedIn guide provided to now update your LinkedIn profile to is matches your Feng Shui Resume

Career Ecology Lab: Join this private LinkedIn Group to bring your questions and connect anytime!

Share far and wide! Now is a great time to share your resume with your mentors and community. Have fun with this, "Hey, check out my new Feng Shui Resume!"

This is your moment to shine. You have now the resume and skills to keep your story fresh and updated at all times. This resume design will grow with you, and I remain a support to you every step of the way. Drop into the LinkedIn Group to reach out anytime!

With love and appreciation as you shine brightly in the world!

Lori xo

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