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DIY: Feng Shui Resume!


You are choosing to unlock and shine forth your genius in the world. Bravo, YOU!!

It's through excavating what's deep, true, and remarkable about yourself, then shaping it in to a format that serves the reader that you may draw all into an activated state of attraction. This stuff is deep! Who knew resume writing was the golden key to so much liberation?

In this training, you will learn and build your own Feng Shui Resume. This ultimately gives you full control from this day forward to shape your story and keep it current and relevant for a constantly evolving world (and evolving self!)

In addition to the the training, you're invited to drop in to the live Feng Shui Resume Labs on Zoom that are held every Wednesday at 2 to 3pm, pst.

My friend, you are invited to lean in and bring your energy and curiosity. This will require you to let go of all previously conceived ideas that have kept you boxed in. Have fun with this. Make it a project and a commitment to show up for self. No outsourcing here – you deserve the attention and love of yourself!

As always, I remain your devoted mentor and colleague. Please share any questions along the way via Zoom or in the comments below each training.

And when ready, click "let's go" below to move on to the Resources page where you will be downloading a trove of useful templates and training documents. These are for you to keep in your forever "Feng Shui Resume" folder on your computer. At the foot of every training page is the button to continue onward. Follow each step as I have laid it our for you so you build your Feng Shui Resume from the ground up. It is both methodical and magical. Let me take you by the hand and show you the way.

Looking forward to witnessing your masterpiece and the doors that open for you along the way!


Lori Wallace

Founder, CEO

Career Ecology


Are you ready?

:-) !

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