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DIY: Exec Summary Page

You have completed your first draft – yes! So far, this includes in depth sharing, shaping and editing of your work history into the back pages.

Now it's time to draw your story up into the top Executive Summary Page.

Executive Summary (Top Page)

Left Bar

The Feng Shui Resume template's left bar includes: 1) contact information, 2) outline of key skills, scope of practice, etc., 3) three "impacts". Selecting the header and sub-sections for the left bar is critical for shaping the story for the reader. There is no set rule for this. The key is to shape what best represents your gift, genius, and contributions. Below are several examples with a description for what led to this particular expression for the left bar.


The left bar features three distinct skill areas that were developed over the years, including:

1) Nutrition Counseling

2) Lifestyle Coaching

3) Family Support

We did not include "impact" as the value expression is in the scope and depth of the experience and skills gained over time.


The left bar features two distinct skill areas plus impacts:

1) Executive Skills

2) Growth & Strategy

3) Select Achievements (Impacts)

Notice also how the achievements/impacts have been divided into sub-categories:

1) Service Launch

2) Merger & Acquisition

3) Market Expansion

Note: "Career Summary" in the right side was customized to "Executive Role Summary, Healthcare" in order to help provide shape to this exceptional career.

Public Health Director:

Tamar's left bar is designed to highlight her passion for servant leadership combined with her professional and technical skills.

1) Leadership in Action

2) Specializations

3) Leadership Impact

Notice also how "Career Summary" was customized to "Public Health Functional Summary". Rather than reflect role progression. We chose to highlight her functional breadth across public health.

Pharmacist (Sample):

This sample resume features the template's design with a single category, "Management" or could be "Leadership", plus three sub-categories that add further depth to the master category:

1) Pharmacy

2) Business

3) Employee Employment

Notice also how "Functional Summary" to the right reflects breadth of experience, rather than role progression. This is most expressive of the story within.


There are three different styles for the titling in the header of the resume. They are:

  1. Multiple Advanced Degrees: Name with degrees listed vertically (optional title below)

  2. Single Advanced Degree: Name with degree (optional title below)

  3. No Advanced Degree: Name with title below

Summary Paragraph

The summary paragraph at the top is the final piece of editing / story telling. This is the only section that is written in the first person.

The general format for this paragraph follows the outline below (color coded for training):

ORANGE: Start with the "I Am" statement that shares who/what the client is in terms of role, time and focus.

PURPLE: Weave in a middle sentence/section that reveals the "how" or approach.

GREY: End with a final section/sentence that shares the "why" or goal/mission.

Sample Summary

I am a leader in talent and business optimization with over 17 years of international business experience strengthening outcomes via modernization of recruitment, talent development, and employee engagement. I bring an in- depth approach that integrates company culture, values and visioning with relationship building and empowerment of high-performance talent across major industries, including healthcare, biotech, and specialty foods. It is through this work of cultivating authentic human engagement at every touch point that I help fuel enlivened cultures and limitless success for my clients and employers.


Time to bring it all home!

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