Career Ecology

Chrysalis : Lostness

The only way to be found is to at first be lost.

When you lose your way, you're thrust into a state of disorientation which opens the way to chance. Every master artist will tell you how their greatest masterpieces were born out of a "mistake". Every explorer that discovered new frontiers followed their lust for adventure - without the aid of maps. Every mother will tell you that life forms in her belly in the dark void of creation - far from the prying eyes of humans. Sadly, in our modern world we're taught to eradicate the mystery in everything in order to maintain our vice grip on control. It synchs with fear. It's limiting and worse, deadening. Even nature knows after 4.5 billion years of successful evolution – all is as a result of creative call and response. Nature thrives in chaos and renewal. Just look at the magical gift of the butterfly! So here we are, wild beings forced to live in captivity. Let's instead learn how to activate our fullness by dropping into the darkness – and renew!

Audio (11min, 33 secs)

Practice | Standing Tree

Today, you are set free. Today, you're invited to lose yourself and from there, be found. Below is an embodied practice that is simple and designed to give you an experience of surrender. Before you begin, take a moment to read the full practice below and have your journal ready so you may record what rises for you. Begin:

  • Set your timer on your phone to 1 minute

  • Stand with your feet only slightly set apart, arms gently at your side

  • Take a deep wholesome breath then hit start on your phone and gently close your eyes

  • Relax and notice what happens to your body when your eyes are closed and not available to calibrate your stance. Imagine, if you will, that you are a tree gently bending to the wind. With eyes closed, your other senses will come alive and respond with intuition, sensing, feeling. This is what it's like to soften the ego and deepen into presence. As David Whyte tells us," the darkness will give you a horizon farther than your eyes can see."

  • When the timer goes off take one more wholesome breath and move to the floor and enter into child's pose. Fold in like a Chrysalis and be still. With your eyes closed, you can tune into your senses and your imagining. Stay for as long as you like.

  • In your journal answer this question, "when I close my eyes and surrender to the dark, I feel . . . "

  • You have completed your practice.

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