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Chrysalis [ Intro ]

Welcome to the mystery of Chrysalis,

the realm of letting go.

After fully embracing the heat filled landscape of Snake dwellers – where crisis is reframed as catalyst – you're ready to drop away from the light and in to the cool dark spaces of surrender.

Having shed old skins that bind, including the distraction of distractions, we've started the process of brilliantly reclaiming quality time and space - be that both physical and emotional.

We’ve also come into awareness of our naturally vacillating emotions, bringing much needed compassion to self and others – which includes the start of a new personal practice of emotional self care.

Over these next two weeks you will move into sacred relationship with chance and co-creation. Below is your outline for Chrysalis, followed by the Intro Audio and movie paring.

Welcome to the cool release of Chrysalis!

Intro Audio

(10mins, 20 secs)

[ ZOOM ]


Movie "Under the Tuscan Sun"

This movie tells the story of a woman devastated by the betrayal of her narcissist husband. She loses everything and falls into a deep depression. Her best friends gift her a tour through Tuscany and while on the trip she suddenly, and quite impulsively, buys a broken down 100's year old villa in a land where she knows no one nor does she know the language. This story is pure Chrysalis. It's what happens when one finds themself lost and ultimately surrenders fully to the moment. This is a story of exile and renewal, and will remind you of what it means to fully surrender and live your one wild and precious life.

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