Career Ecology

Bee : The Dream of the World

Bee asks us . . .

"Where does your heart intersect with the dream of the world?"

All through this journey in Career Ecology, you've been removing barriers and rewilding your senses in preparation for this very moment and this very essential question. So, here you are, amongst the wild flowers. The time is now to ask and answer the question of your own intersection, and when ready – to live it!

Self Mentoring ~ An Interview with Self

Let's go there – into self. What answers, revelations, desires might you uncover there?

Download the "Self Mentoring Interview" worksheet and fill it out completely. Have fun with the ten questions. Probe into your deepest feelings, thinking, longing. This process precedes the next step where you will discover your key to "buzz pollination", ie, your place of unique intersection.

Self Mentoring Interview
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Weaving Passions & Story into Wholeness

Now it's time to spin it all into your own golden honey by connecting the dots between passions, personal myth, the needs of the world and your personal manifestations via career, side hustles and hobbies.

Download the Intersection Worksheet below.

Study the examples provided and then complete your own section on page two.

You'll soon learn in Bee Integration what it means to Buzz Pollinate; to map to your own purpose and place according to your own "frequency". When we connect to our passions to serve, which is oft times born out of our life story (wounds and wonders), we fall into deep alignment with the dream of the world. That dream is a dream of unity and wholeness. So, how might you be uniquely suited to serve?

Intersection Worksheet
Download DOCX • 25KB