Career Ecology

Bee [ Intro ]

Belonging, Passion and the Dream of the World

Dearest Traveler,

You have journeyed far and now have arrived here among the wildflowers to greet your final guide, Bee! Your band of eco guides (including Snake, Chrysallis, Lion, Whale and Wolf) all join you here in support of this final return to Authentic Self and offering of your gifts to the beauty of the world. This is your home coming. This is your reward.

Here is to YOU and to living a life of Truth, Creativity, Passion, Authentic Relating and Service. You are soulfully and heartfully welcome into community.

Intro Audio

(11mins, 22 secs)

Please listen to the intro audio over the weekend to ease yourself into the guidance of Bee. As always, I recommend you lie down and rest – listen with your ear buds for a more intimate experience.

Zoom Community, Thursdays @ 4pm: HERE

Drop in on any Thursday to integrate futher into the wisdom of Bee and belonging.

Movie "Into The Wild"

This is a stunning true story about a disillusioned college graduate from the suburbs of Texas who is disgusted with the shallow and passionless life of his family and community. He brazely gives all of his graduation money to OXFAM and sets out penniless on the road with the goal of hitchhiking to the most wild and untamed place he can think of – Alaska. Watch this movie and notice how Chris sets out on his own journey of shedding social conditioning to find his authentic place amongst things. He passed through each phase of our Career Ecology journey, and in the end finally achieves that sense of belonging that he yearned for all his life.

Watch Here: Amazon

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